Carolyn* (inaexo) wrote in until_i_am_me,


It seems like lately i have been eating like absolute crap, eating whatever i want. Not good, or was it? I don't know, last week it was that time of the month.. After, i realized that i had lost like 5+ pounds. Not just water weight because my boyfriend and his boy noticed. What the hell!?!! I'm so pissed because i didn't do anything.. So how can i keep losing? Haven't been eating right, haven't been going to the gym.. How did that happen!? And what do i do now? I don't want to gain it back.. Should i just eat whatever i want within reason and stop worrying about food? I haven't not worried about food since about sixth grade.. I always think about what i'm going to eat, feel like shit if i eat badly, think about calories, food food food! My boyfriend thinks it's just that, that i didn't stress about it, so i lost weight from lack of stress. Was it because of that woman problem? lol What do you all think?
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