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Okay, I am back and I am determined. I am going to be working in a clinic, and I think I should be a good role model for my coworkers and customers. I've slacked off for far too long, and while I am still eating healthily, I feel like maybe I am lacking. I was eating all natural and whole foods, but it seems like for a few weeks there, although they were vegetarian meals, I was eating some frozen dinners at work, and I do not want all of these chemicals and preservatives in my body. It is Monday, and I am determined to food log every day this week. I'd be really happy if you guys would try to as well!!! :D

Also, I was away for a while, so my kitchen was fairly bare when I returned - went shopping last night:
soy milk
brie cheese
sharp cheddar
fresh basil
local/cage free/veg fed eggs
2 yellow onions
bell peppers
braeburn apples
wild rice mix
all natural plain yoghurt
all natural whole wheat bread ( I love the brand Classic for bread, but I think it's only available in Idaho )
breakfast blend tea
olive oil
raw almonds
pine nuts
dried mango
1 pomegranate
unsweetened natural raspberry jam

Okay, so that's it for two weeks unless I need fresh produce. I've been reading a book that promotes all natural ingredients and buying as much in season/organic as possible, due to higher quality/better flavour making you less likely to want to eat junk, and helps you be more in tune with your body and what it needs. My tastes have changed a lot. I don't like too many sweets, it makes me feel parched and gross. I went out with a friend yesterday and we had coffee, we tried to split a gingerbread loaf slice and I gave him all of my frosting because it was icky.
Anyway, food log for today:
breakfast (just had it)
slice of whole wheat french bread with a bit of brie and basil on it
some yoghurt

I already planned lunch and dinner

rice with curried vegetables

leek soup

I think I posted the leek soup recipe's amazing

Anyway, how has everybody been? I saw writing in here picking up for while, and I'm so sorry that I just haven't had the motivation to jump in and post as well, I'm going to be really strict with myself this week though, my new job is going to be a much longer commute and I need to stay focused for it.
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